Veggie Conversion Kit for sale

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Veggie Conversion Kit for sale

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Hey all,
It great to be a part of the van community. I restored an 82 Diesel and put a new 1.9 longblock with an Ecodiesel turbo. The turbo is a bit weenie, but otherwise she runs great. I'm working out the kinks in the mean time. If anyone has a spare moment, please check out my blog which can be reached through my website Any advice would be most appreciated!

I was originally going to try and convert my engine to run on grease but have since abandoned the idea. So now I'm trying to sell a brand new, never been opened (other than to take photos for craig's list, ... 7427&db=lv) conversion kit. Any takers?

Thanks for reading everyone.
Dave and his 82 Diesel Vanagon
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