Northern Tool Sprayer Tank as WVO Tank. Opinions Please.

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Northern Tool Sprayer Tank as WVO Tank. Opinions Please.

Post by 1984george »

I noticed that some people are using plastic Sprayer tanks from Northern Tool to build WVO tanks for homemade conversions. This saves a few hundred bucks over, say, the tank which is aluminum I believe. My two questions are:
1) Will really hot vegetable oil cause the plastic tank to melt or corrode in any way?
2) Will the 16 gallon tank fit in the trunk of a Jetta?

Here is the link to what they look like: ... _200337116
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Post by caveman »

Any tank to be used for WVO should be diesel/gas compatible, made from HPDE [if i remember]. Even on the best systems there will be some blending of WVO and diesel in either tank. So unless you want a possible huge mess do some home work. The other cheap alternative is a plastic marine tank like from West Marine or such.
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Post by Fatmobile »

For me the tank is too big, it's too plastic and it's too round.
A 6 gallon tank is plenty for getting around town.
If you want it to be bigger add another tank next to it and stick the main tank's tank vent into it.
As fuell is pulled from the main tank air will be pulled in to replace it,..
unless the tank vent is submerged in vegetable oil.
Then it will refill the maintank.
I like the 6 gallon, metal marine tanks,...
they are not round so I can set stuff on them when room is rare.
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Post by joat »

or the after market plastic outboard motor gas tanks ... or an old hot dog compressor tank, or an old Air tank from an 18 wheeler,... old tractor gas tank from the wreckers, an old fire extinguisher, BBQ tank.......just add appropriate filler fittings and outlet/ inlet lines......
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