Almost there!

Upgrades to the 1.5, 1.6 and 1.9 engines that make them go farther or faster
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Almost there!

Post by rabbit_man »

I asked this on the GTD forum which is down so I'll ask here as well.

Does anyone know what the fitting is called that goes between the oil feed line and vnt-15?
I'm not even sure there is a fitting there, I've never seen it just heard about it.
I have almost everything ready for the install but I can't find anything on the oil line. Thanks :)
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Post by Fatmobile »

Here's a picture of a VNT with the fitting on it:
4th pic down

I just bought an oil line on the vortex:
Sounds like it is an AN -3 fitting going to the oil line, I don't know what the threads in the turbo are.
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