Anyone know real world MPG on the new 2.0's yet

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Anyone know real world MPG on the new 2.0's yet

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A freiend just showed up to my place in a new 2011 TDI jetta, one sweet car except the front end is a bit old looking. What real world MPG can he expect? Lots of rumors that the old 1.9's 45MPG days are long gone? What are the key differences between the 1.9 and the 2.0 other than the new clean cat and its burnoff cycle that about burned my lets off when walking around the car. I really like his car, very very quiet and for $21K with 1% who can go wrong?
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Re: Anyone know real world MPG on the new 2.0's yet

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My son has a 2010 TDI Golf with this engine configuration and I believe he is getting about what I am in my 06 Jetta which is right about 42 mpg city + highway. I have gotten 49 mpg on flat highway but usually run up and back to the mountains from here so 42 with A/C on and 45 without is pretty typical for me under those conditions. That's running about 72-75 mph. I think if I were driving his Golf I would be getting better than what he's getting but he is young and has a heavier foot than I do. He also has a 6-speed manual transmission compared to my 5 speed so I would think 45 mpg highway running about 70-75 mph would be a reasonable expectation from the new ones depending on terrain.

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