Vp37 Swap of the electronical gouvernor

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Vp37 Swap of the electronical gouvernor

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My injection pump was broken, i got one from a friend. The car run right now but i have performance problems. To get good performances i have to revs the engine in neutral to 3000-4000 rpm, but it remains only one run. I think it is because the two pumps are different.
Car : audi a6 c4 motor : AHU automatic transmission
I have the 00550 fault in vagcom
Original pump bosch number 0460404985(VE4/10E2250R510-1)
Pump installed on the car : 0460404969 (VE4/10E2075R638-3)
The difference is the upper nominal speed.

Do you think i can swap the electonical gouvernor and the injection advancing valve ?

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Re: Vp37 Swap of the electronical gouvernor

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Moving this to the TDI forum.
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