ALH(2000 Golf TDI) Injection Pump Leak

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ALH(2000 Golf TDI) Injection Pump Leak

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Hi All,
I'm new to this Forum.

I've got a leak on the very end of the injection pump. Suddenly started dripping quite badly (about 1 large drop every 2-3 seconds). I've seen some videos of seal replacements on these pumps and I've seen the "How TO" on this forum on how to rebuild the pump, but the area where it appears to be leaking from is a bit of an unknown for me, it does'nt seem to be covered in the "How to's". I'm not sure if there is a seal in the area where i think the leak is. I think its coming from the center of the hydraulic head (see picture of hydraulic head) from around where the shaft ends and the bolt is. I've marked the areas where it is wet in green highlight.

I don't think the diesel is coming from around the outlets.

Is anyone familiar with this area of the pump? could the leak actually be coming from there?

Stock photo that i marked-up (not my actual pump)
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Re: ALH(2000 Golf TDI) Injection Pump Leak

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Right, there is an o-ring around the large center plug/bolt.
Doesn't leak often but I have heard of it leaking when others weren't.
I think it takes a 15/16" socket,.. if you don't have the metric socket.
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