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Engine swap

Post by Vwamature »

The username says it all. I've only worked with classic bugs and no basically nothing about rabbits, but I do now own a 1979 rabbit hatchback 4door with a 1.5 liter. It was gifted but it is messed up. Oil leaks into coolant, rough starts, overheating, crazy blowby. I did some research and found the consensus is that they aren't worth it to rebuild. I'd much rather upgrade but I'm in college and on a budget. I'm fairly mechanically inclined, going to college for auto technician courses, so I am at least able to do the work myself. i don't necessarily need the most power, but instead dependability. And at least be able to go 60mph which mine can barely go. I have read some of these boards and there's some super smart people out there, please help if you can! Much appreciated
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Re: Engine swap

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This sounds more like a normal swap than a performance enhancement so I'm going to move it to the general fora.
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Re: Engine swap

Post by TylerDurden »


Ja, I probably would not rebuild the 1.5... sounds like it needs rings and maybe more.

A swap with a good comperssion 1.6 is the shot if you can find one on th cheap.
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Re: Engine swap

Post by Josh »

The 1.5s frequently have cracks in the block when this symptom is evidenced; I agree, the way to go is to a 1.6, 1.6TD, or 1.6ecodiesel, depending on availability and price.
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