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A collection of hyperlinks to a variety of information and resources about VW vehicles and VW diesels in particular
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VW Related Links

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VW Links

Note: these pages have been quickly "proofed" for VW-related content, but vwdieselparts.com
will not be responsible for the content contained in any link listed here

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<a href="#vwdpcom">Remanufactured Engines, OEM VW Parts and Tools</a>
<a href="#manuals">Manuals</a>
<a href="#pumps">Injection Pumps</a>
<a href="#glow">Glow Plug Tips and Troubleshooting</a>
<a href="#gauges">Pyrometers, Boost Gauges, Instruments</a>
<a href="#turbo">Turbochargers</a>
<a href="#lpg">LPG (propane) Fumigation</a>
<a href="#engine">Engine Swaps</a>
<a href="#trans">Transmissions/Transaxles</a>
<a href="#lights">Headlights and Exterior Lighting</a>
<a href="#body">Body and Paint</a>
<a href="#vin">Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Decoders</a>
<a href="#biodiesel">Biodiesel/SVO</a>
<a href="#electric">Electric Volkswagens</a>

<a name="vwdpcom">Remanufactured Engines, OEM VW Parts and Tools <a name="manuals">Manuals
  • Bentley Publishers
    If you are going to work on your VW, and you wish to remain in good standing around here, you'll need a copy of "The Good Book", a Robert Bentley Repair Manual. While the Bentley web site is one place to acquire a new manual, they are frequently found used on ebay, and are often available from used book stores for a reasonable price.
  • Haynes Rapair Manuals
    If, for some reason, you can't -or won't- purchase a Bentley manual, at least get the Haynes. While it's not as complete as the Bentley, it uses much the same factory-specific information, and will help with your repairs. In fact, the Haynes manuals can and do contain some information that Bentley omits. Get both and cover your bases. (In any event, avoid Chilton's manuals like the plague. They're good for only a couple of things, bird cage liner, and propping up furniture with wobbly legs come to mind....)
<a name="engine">Engine Swaps <a name="pumps">Diesel Injection Pumps <a name="glow">Glow Plug Tips and Troubleshooting <a name="gauges">Pyrometers, Boost Gauges, Instruments <a name="turbo">Turbochargers <a name="lpg">LPG (propane) Fumigation <a name="trans">Transmissions/Transaxles <a name="lights">Headlights and Exterior Lighting <a name="body">Body and Paint <a name="vin">VIN Decoders
Something to make sense of that confusing series of numbers in your vehicle's title. Try 'em all <a name="biodiesel">Biodiesel/SVO <a name="electric">Electric Volkswagens
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