1.6 td 210mm flywheel/clutch upgrade help needed

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1.6 td 210mm flywheel/clutch upgrade help needed

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I have a 1mm over 1.6 TD hydraulic motor, mildly ported head, pump upgraded to 1.9 cam plate-10mm head-internal tweaks!

I want to add a 210mm clutch set-up BUT no clear information on line.

I see a Sachs kf785-02 will work but no definition if is uses one 7mm dowel pin or 2 6mm dowel pins!
I have the same problem with the flywheel they do not list specifics on the dowel pin set-up?
I think that LUX and Sachs flywheels are different but dont know how

I cannot find one single article that will assist me in putting a 210mm flywheel and clutch set-up together without the possibility of it not being compatible, i.e., the flywheel and clutch working together?l

PLEASE help me out, so I can continue with my project

Found this LUX flywheel
Part Number: W0133-1611752
Notes: New - 210mm Dual Pin - ** 2)055 105 277 - 6.2x22mm Clutch Alignment Dowel Pins May be Required
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