1980 Fusebox wiring photos?

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1980 Fusebox wiring photos?

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I'm digging into my 1980 Caddy electrics again, among other problems for some reason the radiator fan turns on when I turn on the headlights! (It doesn't seem to operate normally like it did before, and I'm resisting just directly wiring it with a toggle switch). Anyway, I did have everything working for a few years, I just got a decent used fusebox (the old one had filled with water several times). So I plugged my new box in and I realized that the way my old fusebox was hooked up had nothing to do with the diagrams in the Bentley Manual. In particular, page 82 lists should be plugged into the back.

I only had 3 things in attached to the "G" tabs, and there was a wire from and "H" tab to the "G1" tab. It seems like the Bentley is saying that a bunch more stuff should be plugged into the "G" tabs. In my truck, fuse 15 which is supposed the control the radiator fan has nothing to do with what is going with the fan. I haven't yet found where the fan is getting power, etc. etc. etc.

Long story short: Does anyone have a photos or drawings of the rear of a properly hooked up fusebox?
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