adjustment of load or smoke screw on 1.6 na

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adjustment of load or smoke screw on 1.6 na

Post by tadleyjane »

as the subject states. had my 1.6 rebuilt last fall and a new IP installed. still smoking a "little" heavy and i want to lean it out a bit. i picked off the factory "crimp-lock" or band but the screw is still firmly in place- do i need to loosen the nut at the base of the screw on the IP plate to adjust the screw? thanks in advance, best regards to all who read and/or post. tad. also gonna try this poll idea, input appreciated if it works
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Post by Bruce »

Yes loosen the locknut first . Turn the screw CCW to lean it . 1/8 turn at a time is lots.
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Post by tylernt »

Yes loosen the locknut first .
That explains why my screw wouldn't budge. I feel dumb now. Well thanks for enlightening us. :)
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Re: adjustment of load or smoke screw on 1.6 na

Post by Fatmobile »

Went to the way back page and bumped this up.
Back from 2006.
With the added info:

As the max fuel screw is turned out the idle drops.
So you'll have to turn the idle screw in too.
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