Upgrades to the 1.5, 1.6 and 1.9 engines that make them go farther or faster
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I have looked through some of the folders here and have not seen the LDA discussed in depth.
With the VE pumps moving into the past on new engines, I thought it might make a worthy thread or at least one for discussion.

Found a Peugeot 306 forum had an interesting article.
Peugeot 306 thread

Like many articles that I have looked for, pictures and even the articles sometimes disappear and no longer exist.

I put a copy of it here on my server. Peugot 306 Bosch LDA adjustment and modification thread with repaired links.

Yeah, could just turn the fuel screw in but then you maybe using more fuel than needed for just cruising around. The LDA's job is to put more fuel in under boost and still allow for more economical cruising.

I also have seen pins like these that are not rotatable but offer more extension

Am interested in hearing your thoughts?
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Re: BOSCH VE LDA tuning

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I don't have a turbo IDI, but saved the page for future reference.
Thanks for sharing. Bosch VE info seems to get easily lost on the internet these days.
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