Clutch engage safety switch

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Clutch engage safety switch

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Interesting thing. Won't let the starter engage unless it's activated by pushing in the clutch
Sometimes they fail and people don't notice because it still starts, just don't have to push in the clutch.

Perhaps it's a good thing to have. Some say the TDI will start in-gear and keep going.
Seems unlikely but, ok, yes could be dangerous.

The one thing about it is you can jump the harness connector and the car will start
regardless if clutch is pushed or not.
Even cooler, is that jumper can be removed or switched and can function
as a security device. No connection, no start.
With all the immo deletes, because of problems with that
This may be a neat, simple option to add some theft securty
in this new world of masked-disorder.
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Re: Clutch engage safety switch

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That would be a good way to add an antitheft device switch for an immobilizer deleted car.
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