RIP "Old Blue"

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Re: RIP "Old Blue"

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Just a reminder of where the value of a good running and looking mk1 is continuing to go. ... 95245.html
Even VW is envious.
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Re: RIP "Old Blue"

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Yeah, the pickups are getting pricey.
I had a chance to get a caddy in a box, with a great engine and some assembly required for $1800.
I was too busy.
I might be able to put a 2-door front on a pickup this summer.
Here's the 4th episode of 2022 body work on the stainless rabbit:
After I pulled the fender, the front driver's side was way weaker than I imagined.
Had to cut a lot back to get to good metal.

From another angle:

OK, got the floor pan stainless bent and attached all the way back to the stainless floor pan and tied into the thick stainless the
rear control arm is connected to.
Also got the inner rocker stainless extended to the very front of the rocker:

So I can begin working on the rocker nose:

Everything cut out on the rocker nose.
Outside looking in:

Inside looking out:

Covered the nose:

Welded on the inside:

And a piece for the underside:

Done with that part, coated with epoxy primer and acrylic enamel:

Some rusted out area near the strut tower. Common area for rust on a pickup. Definitely not an area you want to rust out
or the strut will pop out through the hood. It only had that one small hole rusted all the way through. But while I was in there
I patched the area to the right, before it got bad:

The hole all the way to the right is where the plastic fender liner bolts to.
It should have a square hole like the spot to the left.

The spots with surface rust got either rust converter then epoxy primer coated,
or SP-400 extreme corrosion inhibitor:

Imagedsideinnerfenderpaintafter by vwfatmobile, on Flickr

Sooo that's about it for body work until the weather gets better.
I know it's hard to look at all this rusty destruction and
I see I didn't take many pictures of it done so I'll take some and post them to "cleanse the pallet".
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