For Sale - 1981 VW Rabbit with Greasecar kit

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For Sale - 1981 VW Rabbit with Greasecar kit

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Hello all,

I have decided to part with my Rabbit. It has been a great car but my commute just isn't long enough to use it anymore with grease and so I have decided to buy an electric scooter to commute with instead.

Not really sure what I should try and sell it for... I am looking for some advice. It has high miles OD stopped at 254k, basically original with the back seat missing and some other cosmetic issues. Some very minor rust hear and there. Tires are pretty worn, but usable for now. 4 speed manual.

Any input (or offers) are greatly appreciated. I am happy to provide more info and photos.

Cheers! Dave
'81 Rabbit, 2 tank WVO, 1.6 NA, 4 sp Manual, 245000 miles
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