FS - 1.5 na complete motor

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FS - 1.5 na complete motor

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I have a complete 1.5NA motor that came with a caddy I purchased 4-5 years ago. The story goes, the PO had the 1.5 in the caddy and when getting ready to sell due to a move for work decided to do the timing belt for whoever purchased the truck. Installed new belt started up truck and walked back to front of truck to check things out when timing belt broke. He admitted that he questioned himself on how tight he had the belt and felt that over tensioning was the cause of the belt breaking. Since he was moving he just put the original 1.7 gas motor back in truck and put it up for sale. When I purchased he just threw that 1.5 in the back of the truck and sent it home with me. And there it has set for 4-5 years now. I did install a new timing belt and cranked the motor over by hand, nothing is hitting or making any unusual sounds. I would like to see it go to someone who can use parts, pieces etc instead of going to scrap. FREE.
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