Source for Mk2 jetta water separator valve?

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Source for Mk2 jetta water separator valve?

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I'm looking for a replacement drain valve for the water separator unit (under the fuel tank). It snapped off in my hand while draining it today. Luckily it snapped when I tightened it, and not upon opening it.
Let me know if you have one or know where I can buy one, thanks
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Re: Source for Mk2 jetta water separator valve?

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191127417 A , ebay has a few for $$$.$$
experts say you don't need that water separator anymore, fuel quality is better today and the stock filter does fine
I was happy to throw mine in the trash, it was the cause of a bad air leak and drain back

Most people just put a fuel hose in it's place, I added a mercedes inline diesel filter there
(link to competitor removed by moderator)
Just a strainer to catch junk, ~120 micron , see-through and easy to change (or just spray out backwards in a pinch) 2 bucks
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Re: Source for Mk2 jetta water separator valve?

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You know....even when these cars were fairly new, I NEVER did get any water out of one of these.
They're kind of handy to disable someone's car though.......just wear a good steel-toed boot and go over and kick upward...........
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Re: Source for Mk2 jetta water separator valve?

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Yeah, get rid of that thing.
No VW diesel had it before the MK2 or after.
Replace it with a piece of 5/16" metal tubing.

While you are at it, get rid of the check valve in the fuel line next to it.
That clogs and you get a fuel line restriction.
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