Glow Plug Re-Wiring

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Re: Glow Plug Re-Wiring

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Yeah, the more electrical connections, the more chance of corrosion, high resistance. Electrical gadgets frequently fail at connections.

With easy, separate access to each glow plug one fuse should suffice. I'm still in the conception stage, but I envision running 4 flex silicone wires to a large 80 amp ANL stereo fuse which is bolted onto the 12 volt relay. If any one shorts, it should blow the 80 amp fuse with ease.

I think the McMaster Catalog rates the small, 2 inch alligator clips at 10 amps, but I've juiced 4 glow plugs through only 2 clips in series without incident except for a little heat.
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Re: Glow Plug Re-Wiring

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I think the stock fuse is 50 amps.
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